Tuesday, June 21, 2016

vlogs for weightloss and more

If you have never heard of vlogging this may change your TV watching forever. Clay and I opted out of  the traditional cable - and thank the Lord for it!  I feel that it is sooo behind the scenes at this moment in time. Roku with internet is only about $30 a month and instead of being a SLAVE to whoever is out there deciding what shows I watch I now found a new way of watching TV and what "reality shows" I watch which is VLOGS! I still can watch movies etc.. on Roku which you can pick up at Walmart for about $100 (one time instead of every month with cable) . My watching today consists of all those wonderful vloggers out there as people allow you to peek into their lives from farmers, to techie lovers, RV living, movies, etc.. I love it. I have "MY SHOWS" which I watch one of which is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_GSrHJX4Tw TRANSFORMATION THURSDAYS where a group of ladies are all losing weight together.. It's like a free online weight loss and I can participate with my own youtubes as you see I have. If you don't want to do youtubes yourself you can still be involved just sign up for a youtube account and comment without doing your own  videos. Maybe I just want to learn more about beekeeping on a given day .. and want to get involved with that community I can watch those vlogs that day  etc.. or I want to go to France..It's like a big buffet! There are many many family vloggers and once you get started it is really addicting as you can hardly wait for the next episode of what is going to happen as many people do daily vlogs and simple things on if so and so 's baby finally got potty trained may become a big event as the vloggers stories are all fun and intoxicating once you get hooked.  With the creation of the internet everything is moving to interaction and businesses are no exception as they too are pouring into the Youtube community. - One techie friend and I had a discussion as she expressed her dislike for twitter - All it is is ads now, she shared - but it's really more about "PLACEMENT" and who your friends are and getting into those groups- Like twitter and facebook there will be ups and downs on the social aspect you just have to be "plugged in" to find out where everyone is hanging out - do we all run to twitter for a few hours youtube, facebook, instragram and on and on. ,,, and right now for social fun Youtube vlogging is a great place to be. Things will all balance out as a PR girl I used to laugh at marketers on Twitter They were so boring and I wanted to say.. "you guys don't get it" but now I see companies are getting it and learning how to interact with the average Joe - Let's face it a tweet Buy from me or a video on youtube will be overlooked by most unless you have that magic ingredient.. THE INFLUENCERS like myself and many others who have spent hours and years building up a large following who they value and trust me there is a darn good reason why everyone flocks to the influencers!They are the ones in the new and are the magic ingredient that turn the key for companies. (My shameless plug email me if you want me to review your product PopleBackyardFarm@gmail.com) Going the gamet here on the vlogging..so let's hit up the News.. If you are limiting yourself on the news you are sooo behind the times Youtube has ALL the news from what some may call the crazies to the the edited news stories etc..which some consider the crazies too - they tell you what to think some feel.. me I just don't get that serious about it I just want to know the news :)  If you want news and political stuff this is the place too be. You will get the WHOLE story in all the colors of the world here.. just remember... you don't know anybody so you may want to have fun and find out how everyone got their stories and you can even do research behind the scenes on all this too! This post could be all day.. but it certainly will give you somethings to think about.. but another shameless plug come subscribe to us and join us on our daily vlog and get the bug it's soo much fun! http:/www.youtube.com/PopleBackyardFarm

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