Wednesday, June 8, 2016

My plan to lose weight

       I have been struggling with my weight way too long. I remember in my 30's weighing only around 125 and now I am a whopping 215 at 5 foot 4 inches.  On my youtube channel I am preparing a series of classes to help all my friends to join with me and see my journey to help get the support I need as well as to inspire my friends to lose a few lbs. It's always easier to do things together than alone. One thing I know is that the best way I have ever  lost weight was to eat the foods as close as God made it and to eat healthy! (Thank goodness for my sister ZB !)  After all with all the fads out there I definitely don't want to be trying to lose weight over and over my whole life and become a "professional dieter" but rather I'd like to get healthy and stick to it. Like one guy said what do you want the last 10 years of your life to be like? Real food and portion control and a good doctor seem to be the answer for me! I am not joining any weight loss clubs etc.. mainly because it's just too far when you live out in the country and also because I know what I want to do this time around after being on a few programs. Okay.. so to begin with -- I picked up a great old cookbook that has real food and sensible stuff This is the Weight Watcher Plus Program cookbook.  although it doesn't have the actual program in it, it does have lots of great information. To be honest Weight Watcher's back in the early 90's worked for me it was a program that encouraged things  like so many breads, meats, oils, exercise. After doing my research- I have heard a lot of people rave about this cookbook so I had to pick it up for myself. I have several other items to get me on track. People shared that they loved the Program back then and the cookbook - I am sure the new program is great I just haven't looked into it. Join us on youtube if you are looking to lose a few lbs - I am going to be looking at several things to lose weight but my goal is FOOD THE CLOSEST WAY GOD MADE IT and HEALTHY. - So although I am looking at some Weight Watcher material I will probably go the gamut of all the truly sensible Healthy foods you can really buy at the grocery store by the time I am done :) To sub to me on youtube go to http:/  to purchase this cookbook Click here

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