Thursday, August 17, 2017

I'm going up a notch...

Well, it's time..

I have had a busy summer but I haven't been happy with my progress in my weightloss..

I started out at 228 and now I am only down to a grand total of 218. I am doing portion control

and it is working. I am not going to do any fad diets as they may get you down quick but lots of times you just get back to where you were before so at the end of the day it all ends up being the same...

Eat less

Proteins and veggies with min. dairy and bread

All the other stuff is basically just stuff to keep me busy .. plus there is much to be said about being


and that is where I am at. I know I should lose about 2 lbs a week .. so that is where I am heading. So I will be sharing my progress with you my online friends. I am not going to start a weightloss group online but rather as my friends online ( - you can usually find me here) I figure I will chat about my weight in my norm day to day plus please chat back if you are losing or not.. as bottomline I am trying to just do what I normally do and lose weight all the other things are just more work and the minute life hits I end up back to tricks eating that extra piece of cake etc.. simple eat less and be accountable. So watch me become half the woman I am .. :) May take awhile but it is happening.

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