Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Aspire to Lose weight with this revolutionary product!

Image result for Aspire drinks    To order yours please go to https://usa.aspiredrinks.com/  

Clay and I both have been working hard to shed those extra pounds. When I heard about Aspire I thought Wow! This sounds like a soda to lose weight! Further research showed why this would be perfect for working on my weight and health. As a backyard farmer we do a lot of research on foods to grow, and health benefits, health, animal care etc. so when I saw green tea, ginger, cranberries, and other good things I knew they were on track.  We received a two week supply of Aspire to get us started. One ingredient used in the product is L-carnitine that reduces fat mass, increases muscle mass and reduces fatigue also ginger which is better than most motion sickness drugs, vitamin C and B 12 good for the skin etc. Adding the bubbles is definite plus for me as I personally found that good too for upset stomachs.

Image result for aspire mango drink     We spend money on all kinds of fun things but when it comes to our health we tend to put it on the back burner- One nice thing about Aspire is that it is easily obtained by the case, etc.. A worthy investment to get yourself back in shape after the Holidays (you will hear more about this below !),Now let's get into the taste. It definitely had a wonderful flavor. The cranberry was my favorite. And speaking of cranberries many people drink cranberry juice for urinary health. The flavor was fresh and Perky- I have been complaining of being really tired lately and it was fun when people who sub to us on youtube sent me messages about this- as jokes were prevailing about my 4 hour naps! (Most likely from the weight gain and the LONG winter here in the NorthEast)  If you are a subby to us on youtube http://www.youtube.com/Poplebackyardfarm you will enjoy my perkiness after getting some Aspire and will be cheering me on to get back to good health! All in all we give this a 5 out of 5 stars. You really must go to their site (listed above... got you guys traveling all over here today :) and read all the good things this product truly is a god-sent , health benefits, deals, and a challenge are all listed there after reading this review it would be a disservice if I didn't lead you there as there is so much wonderful information I think you are going to be really pleased as we were. Help us spread the word by sharing this post with your weightloss group and friends (feel free to print it off!) share on fb, twitter, yadda, :). We did receive this product for review purposes and no monies were exchanged. 

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