Monday, June 27, 2016


I was so tempted to indulge in some ice cream, namely the Peanut Butter chocolate ice cream sitting in my freezer. You may wonder what am I doing with ice cream when I am on a diet! Simple. I am looking for a lifestyle change.. really, what am I going to do if everytime I see Ice Cream I HAVE TO EAT IT? I do agree there are times we have to cut off things completely (namely soda!) but ice cream is something that can be healthy it just has to be served in moderation.     You are allowed a baby cone... In fact you can eat just about everything... only as a "BABY PORTION" . If you wouldn't give it to a baby and I mean the smallest baby that can start to eat solid food.. then you should stop before you eat it "BABY YOURSELF" Portion control and eating good food the closest way God made is all good. Make everything a baby portion and you will be on your way to losing those extra pounds!

3 am vitamin (need those for energy)

Bowl of cornflakes with 1 cup milk

9 am (when I was tempted to eat the ice Cream - Coffee with 1 tuna Sandwhich,

Breads 3
Protein 1
fat 1

no exercise yet (hey it's only 9:30 am!)


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